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Welcome to the site of the home of the animated GIFS and funny thingz!

Welcome to the website of Spazfumes! In this site, you are going to see things like funny animated GIFS and funny things like maybe pictures and jokes! ENJOY!!!

How to put a sock on!

If you want to have any help on how to put one sock on! Please follow the instructions:

1. Carefully I say CAREFULLY! get your socks out of your drawer.

2. Carefully undo them from each other.

3. Then carefully put your foot out and cover it with the sock.

To put your other sock on, follow the instructions:

The instructions, just copy the ones above! god u should kno this by now!



Just get the point that you have to R E S P E C T this site. Please don't damage it!


Please Spread!!!!!!!!

Please once you get on this site, spread to all ur mates and let them know that this is the very very very bestest site in the very very whole widest worldy universe!

Yo people in da site say yo! please can you advertise this site so people can come on and sign da guest book